Baxter Design


Amy Baxter owned a work room that serviced high end interior designers for 10 years. As a gift to her designers she made a tote bag from the beautiful home decor fabrics. These handbags soon were in high demand. In 2012 She won the southern designer showcase award for Belk department stores and is now in 41 Belk stores throughout the south.

Taking the most popular of these designer fabrics, we have now created a line of luxury tote bags and handbags for the wholesale trade. These Handbags have 100% silk lining and the outside designer fabrics are treated for durability and stain resistance. We offer totes in 3 sizes, the file tote and large sizes are our signature totes that are big enough to serve as a briefcase. The smaller magazine bag is a great tote for smaller items and can double as a handbag.  We also now offer Crossbodys, Clutches, and zipper pouches.

All our products are handmade in Florida, USA.  The touch and feel of these handbags is like no other.