Sterling Silver 16" Concho Necklace With Feathers And Simulated Turquoise Heishi

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  • this 16" liquid silver concho necklace with feathers is a stunning sight to remember.
  • on each side of the necklace rests a 2mm heishi bead nestled in between two 2mm round silver beads.
  • near the bottom of the necklace lies two 2mm heishi beads surrounded by one 2mm round silver bead and one 3mm round silver bead.
  • attached to the bottom is an antiqued, 10mm silver disk etched with design.
  • dangling from the disk are three 12mm long x 4mm wide etched, high polish feathers and three 2mm heishi beads.
  • necklace is finished with a barrel clasp.
  • made in usa.